Our screen printing department, due to their experience, is able to offer quality and accuracy in printing of any type (full print or four color printing) on any type of material, coated on PVC, PU, microfiber, leather, etc., through the use of multi-color semi-automatic printing machines.

The high frequency, specific work with application on components ( such as upper shoe, straps, side appliqués, tongue, insoles, etc.) and labels for sports shoes and apparel, luggage and much more, caused this department to greatly evolve in the last few years due to the a new generation of printers. In addition to traditional work, we are also able to offer our customers high frequency dimensional printing combined with screen printing, as well as high frequency in fusible welding which allows for the application of a second material on microfiber and fabrics without any sewing.

We have recently opened a new department for the digital printing, technology that allows you to create photo-quality prints on a variety of materials, such as leather, plastics, wood, fabrics of various types, etc... with smooth surfaces or with graving. Thanks to an outfit specially developed, we are able to print large surfaces and materials of thickness from 0 to 25 cm. The application field can range from sport and classic shoes, leather goods in general, for clothing, till furniture industry... and these are just a few examples of the many possible applications.

All of our business activity utilizes an advanced internal graphics office, with qualified personnel able to independently create all graphic designs and installations necessary to create the prints and frames necessary to the normal production cycle to support customer requests in implementing new graphics projects and research of materials.